Anthony Jeselnik: The Best Comedian You Don’t Know

When comedian Anthony Jeselnik was announced at the Comedy Central Charlie Sheen Roast, everyone looked perplexed. The applause was not steady; it was that sporadic “I might have to rescind this clap if this guy sucks” type of tempo. Then, holy crap. Where did this guy come from? “I’m so glad that William Shatner could squeeze this roast into his schedule,” he said, giving Captain Kirk the side-eye, “Bill, your face is so plastic that when you’re done with it, they’re going to have to cut it up in little pieces so that birds don’t die.” He continued to advise Steve-O not to give up on suicide, alerted Patrice O’Neal that he was so fat it looked like he deep-fried his hands before he bit his nails, and told Mike Tyson he had more shit on his face than Seal. Finally, he lovingly informed Sheen that every moment of his life resembled the first two minutes of Law and Order: SVU. This guy is a monster, and it’s time you learned his name. See his stand-up now through Sunday at the Addison Improv (4980 Belt Line Road, Suite 250). Tickets cost $20. Buy tickets and learn show times at
May 3-6, 2012


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