Armaggedon Michael Bay cannot be mocked enough. His films deserve to be taken down with an unrelenting spray of scorn and ridicule and not just because they are among some of the worst, highest-grossing movies to come out of Hollywood. They should be the only movies during which it's OK to talk at a movie theater because Michael Bay is one stubborn son of a bitch. He must know that his movies are on the list of least-liked artistic works just below velvet paintings of Elvis and cheese sculptures. Yet he continues. Help drop a much-needed hint with The Granada Theater's free screening of Bay's attempt to make a credible armageddon movie, not-so-creatively titled Armageddon, as part of the Summer Mockbusters series. A group of professional funny people from Dallas Comedy House and anyone with a cell phone will be live Tweeting their jokes at the screen during all 153 painful minutes of this summer hit. Head to the Granada Theater (3524 Greenville Ave. ) at 7 p.m. Saturday. More information at DANNY GALLAGHER
Sat., Aug. 9, 7 p.m., 2014


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