Art’s Psychedelic Chimera Is Loose

Two of Dallas’ freakiest art minds have finally gotten together. Wednesday at Steve Paul Productions, a music studio and gallery hybrid at 2814 Main St., Clay Stinnett and Kevin Parmer play with scale in Possessed2. There you’ll get an assortment of Parmer’s psychedelically summoned collages, cut and ribbon-stripped in his signature mixed-media style. Stinnett digs the things, and since he isn’t known for a delicate approach, he’s taking pieces from Parmer’s collection and recreating them as large-scale paintings. While their inspiration will be evident, Stinnett’s take will color out the edges. It runs from 6 to 9 p.m. and is free. Like Steve Paul Production on Facebook, then check out the show details.
Wed., Nov. 13, 2013


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