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When Mystery Science Theater 3000 was originally on the air, a group of friends and I used to begrudgingly view it and say, "Man, I could have come up with that, we do that anyway!" In case you missed it, MST3K would scour the dregs of the B-Movie vaults for the best of the worst films in history. Then as the film would play on the on-screen screen, the hosts would sit in the "front row" and heckle. Sounds simple enough, right. Luckily the brains behind this show were insanely funny and insightful. The parody was rarely mean-spirited, and when it was, the material truly deserved it. Now lucky locals can experience the awesomeness of the MST3K crew doing their thing LIVE at beautiful Lakewood Theater. That in itself is a gift. I often would walk by the Lakewood on the way back from a two-tacos-for-99-cents snack and look at that old marquee just hoping it would say Mad Max instead of Joan Baez. Now my dreams have all come true. Using the name Cinematic Titanic, the original creators and cast of MST3K are touring historic theaters with their trademark brand of professional riffing. Cinematic Titanic will be at the Lakewood Theater, 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Tickets are $39 and $43.50. Visit or call 214-821-7469 for details.
June 5-6, 8 p.m., 2009


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