Aye, El Amor

Americans have always had a soft spot for the "Latin Lover" type. And when there are two of them, the sparks will fly like it's Día del Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico. The whirlwind romance of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony has warmed hearts and adorned tabloid covers nationwide since their secret wedding in 2004. They are a "power couple" that sings, dances and mugs down in the grand tradition of, well, J Lo and Puff Daddy or J Lo and Ben Affleck (except he didn't dance so much). After their duet for Lopez's film Shall We Dance?, the sweethearts must have liked their musical chemistry because they are now touring the nation with a bilingual extravaganza sure to appeal to lovesick teenagers of both genders...and cougars. Come dance your cares away as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony shake the American Airlines Center 7 p.m. Tuesday. Visit americanairlinescenter.com for details.
Tue., Oct. 30, 2007


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