B-Ball Wizards


Some think the Harlem Globetrotters are nothing more than some corny banter with the kids in the audience and another easy W over the long-suffering Washington Generals. And, yeah, they are, for the most part. That's the gig. No one wants to see withering defense, hard fouls or constant bickering with the ref when the Globetrotters are on the court. Unless it's part of the act, of course. Since the Globetrotters are all laughs and smiles and buckets filled with confetti, people tend to think the games are as legitimate as professional wrestling, that even the worst pro team (say, the Atlanta Hawks) would school the 'Trotters. I have a week's salary that says if the Hawks were to face off against the team during its two-day, three-game stand at the American Airlines Center, 2500 Victory Ave., at 7 p.m. Friday and 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday, the Globetrotters would win. Handily. OK, my wife just called. I am now allowed to wager whatever is in my pocket, which comes to a grand total of 78 cents. But I'd still be willing to potentially forgo a refreshing soda this afternoon, so strong is my belief that the Globetrotters are not only the most entertaining b-ball squad around, they're one of the most talented. Call Ticketmaster at 214-373-8000. --Zac Crain

Give Us an N-C-A

The 2005 NCA Chick-fil-A All-Star National Championship gives the country's best squads a chance to strut their perky stuff, develop cheerleading's "it's a sport, really" image and possibly walk home with shiny trophies. Audience members can either marvel at these young women's athletic prowess or watch pretty girls bounce around. Either way it's fun for the whole family. It's February 4 through February 7 at the Dallas Convention Center, 650 S. Griffin St. Tickets are $12. Visit www.nationalspirit.com. --Mary Monigold

Beader of the Pack

For many people, celebrating Mardi Gras involves dodging projectile vomit and hurdling over puddles of puke on the debaucherous streets of New Orleans. But if the Big Sleazy isn't in your plans this year, then consider the healthy alternative right here in Dallas--the 2005 Mardi Gras Run. The two-mile and four-mile courses will be lined with spectators throwing beads, and you won't even have to flash anybody for them. The post-race party features music by Zydamax and all the red beans and rice you can eat. The race starts Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Hard Rock Cafe, 2601 McKinney Ave. Entry is $20 in advance, $25 on race day and $12 for children 12 and under. Visit www.mardigrasrun.com. --Jay Webb

In Sync

Golly, do we love carbs. In fact, we're so obsessed with the starchy buggers that we've developed the world's first all-carbs diet. Bully on Atkins: Beer at the bar has to be ordered special with extra hops, and car trips must always end within four miles of the Mrs. Baird's factory in case of carb emergencies. We also get Whoppers our way--bun and ketchup. Hold the meat, please. Of course, your route to optimal weight loss might not run parallel to ours (or to the Mrs. Baird's factory), and the Four Week Holistic Weight Loss Series understands that. Starting Saturday morning, Bend Studio, 5014 McKinney Ave., hosts four Saturday classes that target your mental and chemical needs to help you lose weight by diet, exercise and mental wellness. Arrive by 8:45 a.m. for pre-class yoga, and feel free to take a bagel with you. The four-week course costs $145. Call 214-841-9642. --Sam Machkovech


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