Bases Loaded

Following the traumatic Mavericks meltdown, it may seem cruel to transfer any passion to the Texas Rangers, who are to late season swoons what Pat Conroy is to selling out your family. But at the risk of sounding like a Lifetime TV wife—"really, this time he's really going to change"—I think the Rangers have a decent shot of winning the division. It's different this season. The team's pitching, which has always betrayed them during the stretch run, is only going to get better with the belated debut of Adam Eaton. Meanwhile, Kevin Millwood continues to impress: He's like a younger version of former Ranger ace Kenny Rogers, without the psycho part. Also helping the Rangers is that they play in the American League West, the worst division in baseball, at least until the Angels catch fire. Catch the Texas Rangers up against the Blue Jays on Wednesday for dollar hot dog / autograph night at Ameriquest Field, 1000 Ballpark Way in Arlington. Like button-downs at the Gap, tickets range from $6 to $80. The Rangers begin their three-game series against the Jays on Monday. Visit
Mon., July 3, 7:05 p.m.; Tue., July 4, 7:05 p.m.; Wed., July 5, 7:05 p.m.


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