Bathing Beauties and Hot Meat

There’s a Dallas website that remains cloaked in mystery and gravy. It’s House of Plates, an electronic make-out session of food porn, photography and music — and today, Plates will make you shake your ass. I know what you’re thinking: “How can they do that? They live inside my computer.” That is 100 percent true, but Sunday the site’s organizers will materialize to drop icy cold jams down the back of your shirt, poolside at the F.O.E. in an event called Endless Summer. There’s going to be a vintage swimwear fashion show featuring glam throwback looks so lovely that they would make Esther Williams sob cheerful, salty tears. You can even laugh as a bunch of over-caffeinated, nutritionally lacking journalists play volleyball against Dallas’ most well-fed during Beats vs. Eats: a tournament pitting local media outlets against restaurants. Bring your own food to throw on the grill or buy burgers there; booze must be purchased at the bar. You’re going to want to arrive early for this one: It starts at noon and runs until 5 p.m. It’s only $7 — pay it in cash at the door. Visit
Sun., Aug. 5, noon, 2012


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