Beard on Tap

Chris Penn, who holds such titles as Good Records owner/manager and Polyphonic Spree Robemaster, has one awesome beard. He's also responsible for one of the finest nights of my life. (Wink, wink.) It was October 31, 2005. I was dressed as a born-again Chick-Fil-A cow, Mr. Penn was dressed as Jason from Friday the 13th, his beard spilling out majestically from under his hockey mask. That fateful night, Penn's alter ego, DeeJay CeePee, put on the finest DJ performance I've ever seen. Sure, he used a computer instead of turntables, but with moves like his, nobody cared. CeePee danced, shook and screamed his way into my heart that night...where forever he'll stay. In short, if you've ever wanted to see Garth Hudson spin some tunes, get drunk and act like a madman, check out Good Records' Good Mornings with DeeJay CeePee Monday nights at the Cavern.
Mondays, 2006


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