Beat Generation

It's time for Revenge of the Classics. South by Southwest artists just stumbled back through town dropping a trail of rock-pop-latino-electronic-soul-indie-avant-punk riff crumbs and sound-bite wrapping paper left over from their latest Austin love fest. Time for a little classical clean-up, Southeastern style—and Southeastern Festival of Song is the Georgia peach with the acordes vocales to pull it off. Since 2003, a collaboration of contemporary song-writers, musicians, choreographers and poets have worked up 16 thematic programs to showcase the pop, comedic and acting chops of the emerging student classical vocalists of Emory University. SEFoS has explored both sides of the tracks, from "Girls Gone Bad" and "Gentlemen of Leisure" to Shakespeare and King David, and has performed throughout the U.S., but ever since they worked the Dallas Museum of Art back in 2004, we know they always save their best for Dallas. This week they bring us generation m: modern masters from the mid-century to the moment. Mmm...seems a mellow mouthful, but is jazzed up with the spoken words, visual art, live percussion, and pop of Rilke, Lorca, cummings, Rorem, Waits, Gabriel, Byrne, Rothko, Twombly and more—now there's a classic line-up. Experience it 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the Horchow Auditorium of Dallas Museum of Art. Call 214-922-1818 or visit
Sat., March 31, 7:30 p.m.


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