Becks Comes Back

Remember how totally lame it was last year, when Dallas' only sold-out game (thanks to Mr. Posh Spice) was a surreal experience in sports-watching? A sold-out, standing-room-only spectacle turned into just another disappointment, ending in a score I shudder to think about, and it earned Landycakes Donovan a permanent place in our minds as a throat-slashing douche. Oh yeah, and David Beckham didn't even bother to show up (because we all know it's hard to sit on a bench with a jacked-up ankle). As a way to make it up to fans, the Los Angeles Galaxy will be hitting town this weekend and taking on our beloved FC Dallas in a pre-season charity game, with all proceeds from the match going to UNICEF and the Miracle League of Frisco. It'll be our first chance to check out our new roster in action as acquisitions such as Duello Divine and Andre Rocha hit the pitch and take on three of the biggest prima donnas in the league—Becks, Donovan and former FCD captain Carlos "Pescadito" Ruiz. Start off the 2008 season right as FC Dallas takes on the Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at Pizza Hut Park, 6000 Main St. Tickets are $18 to $60. Call 1-888-FCD-GOAL or visit
Sat., March 15, 7:30 p.m., 2008


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