Best in Show


When the chewing began, only insignificant things were destroyed--pencils, plastic hangers, gimme cups (sort of like a gimme cap). We even encouraged our dog to chew, tossing her empty pop bottles to play with. This is probably a habit we should've nipped in the bud, but we didn't realize that until the chewing escalated to more meaningful items: She easily gouged out the eyes of a 20-year-old teddy bear and mauled a pair of red heels. And recently, we came home to find our prescription glasses chewed into several pieces. Despite the innocent face our dog made after hopelessly mangling our eyewear, she's not the world's most popular dog right now. Fortunately, we know who is--The Iams Superdogs, a crew of talented canines that "run at incredible speeds," "jump unbelievable heights" and entertain more than a million people every year. Their press materials don't mention "gnawing through extraordinarily important possessions," so we will assume they're better-behaved than our own pooch. The Superdogs will perform their super feats at Pet Fest America on February 28 at Reunion Arena, 777 Sports St. Pet Fest America, presented by The Humane Society of the United States, will also showcase a variety of pet-related products, information and demonstrations. Exhibits open at 11:30 a.m. with a Superdogs show at 1 p.m. Visit to purchase $20 tickets. --Michelle Martinez

Girl on Film
Gina Miller talks about being the odd woman out

We hope Gina Miller will offer us budding female sports journalists some practical advice, such as how to gain respect in a male-dominated field, instill trust in interview subjects and, most important, successfully elbow past beefy male cohorts to be the first in line to talk to a naked baseball player. We'll find out when Miller, a reporter at WFAA-Channel 8, discusses "Play Ball: Tales of a Female Sports Reporter" during the Association for Women in Communications' luncheon on Thursday at Maggiano's Little Italy, 205 NorthPark Center. She'll cover the opportunities and challenges she's faced and discuss how she made it in Dallas, a large media market and her hometown. Registration starts at 11:30 a.m., with the luncheon at noon. Admission is $23 to $28. Call 972-394-7761 or visit --Mary Monigold


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