Big Ballers

Let's face it, if this year's yawner of an NBA Finals series is proof of anything, it's that we don't watch basketball for defense. We don't watch it for ball movement or free throws. The only time we cast a lazy eye toward the TV during this snooze-a-thon was when LeBron touched the ball, right? At which point a small trickle of hope and adrenaline would flow...maybe he'll dunk it! That's all we really want—awesome 360 dunks, gravity-defying leaps, maybe a nifty pass or two. And that's what you'll get at Ball 4 Real, a hoops game featuring some of streetball's finest, who go by monikers like Spyda, Half-Man-Half-Amazing, Circus, Mr. 720 and High Octane. Even the halftime show will be high-voltage, with Shock Boyz performing, plus a daylong block party atmosphere. It's the closest American Airlines Center will ever get to Rucker Park, unless of course you count when the Cavaliers come to town. Check it out Monday. Tickets are $10 to $75. Call 214-373-8000 or visit or
Mon., June 25


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