Big Screen Darkness

Midnight movies are frequented by two types of people: the die-hard fans of a movie who know it, word for word, like the back of their hand, and said fans' uneducated friends who have never seen the greatest movie of all time and are inevitably dragged along for a special big-screen treat. When it comes to any of the movies in Sam Raimi's Evil Dead franchise, I fall squarely in the latter camp, but I'm pretty sure that upon hearing this news, someone in the first camp will insist I go to the Inwood Theatre (5458 W. Lovers Lane) this weekend. That would be because, as part of its Midnight Madness series, the Inwood is screening Army of Darkness, the final installment of the Evil Dead trilogy. Be sure to get to the theater early, where you can be sure there will be a good mix of old fans and new recruits cheering on Ash as he once again battles the undead (who I assume are evil...) this Friday and Saturday at midnight. Tickets are $10. Call 214-764-9106 or visit
Fri., Jan. 14; Sat., Jan. 15, 2011


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