Big Screen, Far East

There's more to Asian cinema than Jackie Chan and creepy Japanese horror. Sure, the shoot 'em up action of Triad movies is always entertaining, and there's a cult following for Jidaigeki (samurai period pieces), but what about everything else that slips through the cracks? The 6th Annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas has picked out an amazing selection of films from places such as the Philippines, India, Thailand and South Korea in addition to the usual Japan and Hong Kong fare to show us just how diverse Asian cinema really is. Included on Tuesday's schedule is Bolinao 52, the story of the Vietnamese Boat People, and My Name Is Fame, a romantic comedy set in the world of the Hong Kong film industry. The festival runs now through August 30 at the Magnolia Theatre, 3699 McKinney Ave. Tickets start at $5. Call 214-938-1042 or visit for the complete schedule.
Tue., Aug. 28


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