Big State, Big Screen

One of the great things about Alaska is that you can always keep your eye on what Russia is up to. But there's no need to distract yourself with Russian matters when there are so many activities in the Last Frontier (we're talking about Alaska again). If you don't want to experience the adventure in person, going to see it in IMAX is practically like being there. In Alaska: Spirit of the Wild, viewers are taken on a journey of the Arctic ice and exposed to exotic wildlife and majestic scenery. The film shows the harsh realities of survival in the wilderness and how animals stay alive in its fierce conditions--this isn't where Joe Six-Pack grew up. If that's not enough majesty for you, stick around and get tickets to Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk, which takes viewers on an intense ride down the Colorado River. The film isn't just a thriller, though; it's also a lesson in conservation for all you water wasters out there. (Still letting the water run while you brush your teeth, are you?) Enjoy both movies on the 79-foot domed screen Saturday through September 24 at the Museum of Nature & Science. Tickets may be purchased separately from museum admission, but you can save some cash if you decide to buy them in a package deal. For tickets and showtimes, visit
March 13-Sept. 24, 2010


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