Birds Of A Feather

People have been painting birds since the days of pictograms. Perhaps it's their beauty that fascinates us, or maybe we just envy their ability to pick up and fly to Mexico on a whim. Artist and former Dallas resident Ryann Rathbone's work falls squarely into this tradition of avian fascination, focusing "on the spiritual and mystical symbolism of birds" as she juxtaposes the winged creatures against background patterns that recall vintage wallpaper. Somewhat migratory herself, Rathbone lived in far flung locales like Norway and Indonesia before her stint in Dallas, where a brush with tragedy--local music fans know the story all too well--inspired her to paint and show her work in public as a form of therapy. See her creations take wing in the exhibit Flight Patterns, on display through September 24 in the gallery at the Magnolia Theatre, located in the West Village at 3699 McKinney Avenue. Visit for more info.
Aug. 28-Sept. 24, 2009


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