Black Is The New Black

You know those people who continually meddle in your life and just keep popping up everywhere, even if you move and change your phone number and create a secret Facebook profile they don't know about? No, I'm not talking about your parents. (Call your mother, by the way. She misses you.) I'm talking about people like Michael Ian Black. I mean, sure, you know if you watch The State on Netflix, you're gonna run into him, or if you channel surf past VH1, you'll have to look at pictures of his kids for 20 minutes, but there also are other, more awkward encounters. Like, after seeing (and loving) Run, Fat Boy, Run (2007), when you found out he wrote the screenplay. Or, when you discovered he wrote and directed the Jason Biggs movie Wedding Daze (2005). Or, when you innocently decide to hit up Addison Improv, and oops, there he is again. That's why I'm warning you in advance: He will indeed be doing comedy at Addison Improv, 4980 Belt Line Road, every evening from Thursday to Sunday this week. And be careful, because if you call 972-404-8501, or go to and click on "Addison, TX," you can get tickets or more information about the show. Consider yourself warned.
Aug. 5-8, 2010


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