Suburban sprawl

The ArtCentre of Plano has found a way to get its foot in the door of the Dallas art scene, increase visibility for its Plano programming, and create additional revenue. The nonprofit ArtCentre is now providing exhibition management and some curatorial support to Deep Ellum's Mitchell Lofts Atrium Gallery and the Continental Gallery at Continental Lofts. The idea to branch out into downtown Dallas came out of what could have been a sticky ethical dilemma for Melissa Sauvage, Plano's director of programming and education. Sauvage had a growing reputation as a freelance curator and exhibition coordinator as sole proprietor of Sauvage Art Services before Plano hired her last year. And Deep Ellum Lofts was one of Sauvage Art Services' clients. When her Plano responsibilities prevented her from keeping clients on the side, Sauvage decided to negotiate for bringing the loft-exhibition business into her role at ArtCentre. "So far, it's working out well," Sauvage says. She organized an exhibition by Dallas' Derrick White called "Whatever You Are...How Are Ya?" that opens February 19 at Continental Lofts, following a talked-about show called "UnCommon DeNominators" that featured some of Dallas' up-and-coming artists, including Jennifer Whayne Pepper, Michael Duncan, and Jeff Green.

Femme sole

Dina Light held her breath last Saturday night as she waited and watched for gallery-goers to show up for "Seven Acute Joys Mutate," an art exhibition that served to open her newly renamed Emergency Gallery. It was a sort of coming-out party for Light, who just announced the break-up of her professional and personal partnership with Steve Cochran. The duo ran gallery:untitled in Exposition Park for the last two and a half years. "Steve and I parted amicably," Light says. "We ended both relationships." Emergency Gallery keeps the same address and phone number as gallery:untitled and will continue its mission to provoke art viewers with edgy work, Light says. If the reception for "Seven Acute Joys Mutate," with uncommon works by Allen Topolski, is any indication, Light shouldn't miss a beat. It was Cochran, though, who was the spokesman for gallery:untitled. He had more public visibility than Light in the former partnership, so art-scene watchers are wondering whether the hip shows, like that of Cal Arts grad and New York artist Ruben Verdu, were more his ideas or hers. Cochran couldn't be reached for comment, although Light says, "I think he's going to end up moving."

Annabelle Massey Helber

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