Blume-in' Movie

Remember the good old days, when Wes Anderson made quirky films that didn't bleed indie-rock-noxiousness and feature gratuitous naked shots of bruised, be-socked Natalie Portman? When Jason Schwartzman looked like an actual nerd instead of a hip dude appropriating nerd chic? When you and your friends had to dress up as the Kevin Smith crew for Halloween before Bill Murray and Life Aquatic made beanies the must-have October 31 accessory of 2005? When Wes filmed in exotic locations like Deep Ellum for Bottle Rocket, instead of Paris and Southeast Asia? Whither have those days gone? Oh well, I guess a be-socked Natalie Portman isn't so bad, but you're on the watch list, Wes. Let us all reminisce about lower-budget days by going to see a midnight showing of Rushmore, the Schwartzman-Murray vehicle of '98 that catapulted Anderson to über-director fame and allowed him the very prestigious honor of getting to shill for American Express in sleekly made cinematic commercials. Rushmore, wherein extracurricular over-achiever Schwartzman and rich dude Murray compete for the affections of one very sexy teacher, Olivia Williams, is one of Anderson's finest flicks. Catch it at midnight this Friday and Saturday at Landmark's Inwood Theatre, 5458 W. Lovers Lane. Visit
May 9-10, 2008


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