Boats & Friends Is Never A Good Combo

Boats are fun. For the friend of the boat owner, that is. The friend just shows up, puts a can of Bud Light Lime in a koozie, then himself into a life jacket , and enjoys avoiding the onset of skin cancer for a couple of hours. As the sun sets, the friend gets to head back to the lake house and pass out on the stone walkway before making it to the door. If the friend were coherent, he would hear the grumbling and cussing of the boat owner as he handles all of the “this wasn’t in the brochure” stuff a boat owner has to negotiate before and after the fun in the boat has been had. If you like arduous tasks, cursing and unappreciative friends; do not miss the 2012 Dallas International Boat Show at Dallas Market Hall. Visit for schedule and ticket information.
Sun., Feb. 5, 11 a.m., 2012


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