Bongos Bring Good Karma for Food Trucks

Hah! Food trucks. Those'll never take off. They're just a fad that will be forgotten in a few weeks. C'mon, it’s not like any new ones are sprouting up or people have been lobbying the city to make laws more conducive for trucks selling high-quality food. If food trucks were a serious phenomenon, television shows would be dedicated to them, and there'd be long lines of hungry people waiting to eat. Good food from a truck? Never gonna happ … wait. … What? My bad. Gotta start reading (shameless plug alert) City of Ate more often. Isn't my face red? Well then, let’s just toss a bongo player into the mix. One will be playing live for the first Dallas appearance for the Good Karma Kitchen truck-and-meet — along with six other trucks — near the Sunflower Market, 1800 Henderson Ave. Visit The Sunflower Market from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday to fill up. We have it on good authority that truck food is pretty tasty.
Thu., April 5, 2012


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