Bow to Your Partner

Here's a stumper for ya: Why the hell would anyone want to drive from El Paso to Beaumont? An unyielding desire to trace the path of confused conquistadors? A certain need to travel the most boring road in America? A terrible urge to get the f* out of El Paso? Well, yes, probably. But artist Gail Wendorf made the west-to-east trek for better—or at least more sane—reasons. Wendorf embarked on her journey to chronicle the Texas tradition of dance and music, in the form of both photographs and paintings. The daughter of an SMU archaeologist, Wendorf does more than just capture a moment—her work portrays the almost sacred nature of a Texas dance. It's an exercise in cultural anthropology, as well as a celebration of the very essence of Texan-ness. After all, dancing in our fair state is more than just waltzes, two-stepping and the Cotton-Eyed Joe; like barbecue, football and Lone Star beer, it's a religion, a culture all its own. Wendorf's exhibit, Last Calls & Dance Halls, hangs at Alan Barnes Fine Art (1019 Slocum St.) through February 27. Call 214-749-7979.
Feb. 1-27


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