Bright Light, Bright Light

When Gremlins hit the silver screen more than 20 years ago, we were given a step-by-step manual on what to do if our wacked-out dads brought home some furry little singing creature they bought in the back alleys of Chinatown. We were shown the horrible repercussions of not taking mogwai ownership seriously. The rules were very simple: Don't expose them to light. Don't get them wet. And never, ever feed them after midnight. Unfortunately young Billy Peltzer didn't heed any of the warnings and set a horrible example for the rest of us. He and his little buddy Gizmo turned Christmas of '84 into a holiday horror show. Just in case you've forgotten your lessons, you can get a little refresher course on mogwai husbandry, courtesy of the Inwood Theatre's Midnight Madness. There you'll pick up a few more mogwai maintenance hints such as: Don't let Corey Feldman take care of your pets, do not add your mogwai to your YMCA family membership plan, and if you see a mohawked mogwai running around, aim for him first. For more tips on the care and upbringing of the mogwai species, check out Gremlins at midnight Friday or Saturday at the Inwood, 5458 W. Lovers Lane. Tickets are $8. Call 214-764-9106 or visit
Sat., June 23, midnight; Sun., June 24, midnight


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