Burst the Stereotypes

Apparently, we were wrong when we made that initial and unwavering assessment that jocks are just meatheads with no creative bones in their bodies. Course, that could've been because this one group of white-capped assholes in high school dubbed me "Artsy McRunslikeagirl," but I still attest that's my Choctaw name. Then I discovered non-UIL-sanctioned athletes, such as skateboarders and BMX bikers. Excellent. Among that lot one can even find a few artists. Take, for instance, 500X member John Oliver Lewis and Alex Soto. Both were instructors at Wisconsin's Lake Owen Action Sports Camp and discovered a shared appreciation of the grafitti, music, design and art surrounding skateboarding. Float Bloat Burst marks their premiere collaborative effort and is on display at 500X Gallery, 500 Exposition Ave., through April 1. Check it out noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Call 214-828-1111 or visit 500x.org.
Saturdays, Sundays. Starts: March 10. Continues through April 1


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