Calm Yourself

Sometimes in the middle of the workweek we all need a moment to calm down, a little stillness to help us regain perspective and what little sanity we can. If you need to find space for contemplation, might we suggest heading to Texas Woman’s University’s new exhibition, Contemplation: Emerging Female Photographers from Japan. As the curators put it, “Photographs depict no more than what is visible. Yet at the same time they possess the uncanny ability to reveal the invisible.” The exhibition is on loan from the Pictura Gallery in Indiana, and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the East|West Galleries (304 Administration Drive, Denton). Each of the four photographers explores the concept of contemplation in different ways. The show includes pieces by Tomoe Murakami, whose photographs depict suggestions of buildings and landscapes buried under layers of fog, and the sharp black and white photos of Yuhki Touyama. Contact for more information.
Tue., Aug. 27, 2013


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