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Artists Among Us Hidden away on the third floor of the shed-like Women's Museum at Fair Park, this show is a terse exposé of talent in the metroplex. The work seems a hodgepodge; shared genitalia does not mean shared creative disposition. Luckily diversity wins out. Homes and toupees won't be the same after Frances Bagley's "Braided Rug." Made from carefully woven human hair, this russet piece injects Sears Home Furnishing with a bit of irony borne on the pate of male pattern baldness. Victoria Meeks' "Urban Tapestries No. 1 & 2" give intellectual substance to the figure of the hoochie mama. Terri Thornton paints directly on the wall, creating a shadow-like mosaic of white-on-white loose circular form. Though a small show, there's a lot of bang to be had for your buck. Through January 29 at The Women's Museum, 3800 Parry Ave., 214-915-0860. (Charissa N. Terranova)


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