Capsule Reviews

Concentrations 47: Jim Lambie Jim Lambie has recalibrated the architecture of the Dallas Museum of Art, sheathing the floors of the museum's main corridor with multicolored tape in an installation work called "Zobop." Lambie has transformed the blasé postmodern interiors of our local hall of culture into a funhouse for vertigo of the imagination. In what amounts to one of the best showings in the long-running Concentrations series, this exhibition ranks high not just in Dallas but in the whole country. Through August 21 at the Dallas Museum of Art, 1717 N. Harwood St., 214-661-1716. Reviewed July 14. (Charissa N. Terranova)

David LaChapelle David LaChapelle imbues his photographs with a sense of good taste based on culture's lowest common denominator. Theirs is a beauty based on kitsch run amok. LaChapelle's photographs are a combination of surrealist celebrity and homages to Andy Warhol. Riffing on Warhol's silkscreen images of electric chairs, LaChapelle's "Electric Chair" shows pink bondage gear and white high heels strewn on the floor in a prison execution chamber. Photographs of "superstars" (Warhol's neologism), from Madonna to Angelina Jolie, line the front gallery space at Goss. The photographs are hung too tightly, with too many lining the wall. It feels as though they have been installed in a frenzy to sell as many as possible. But then again, that's in keeping with the ethos of LaChapelle's glammy work. Through August 12 at Goss Gallery, 2512 Cedar Springs Road, 214-696-0555. Reviewed June 16. (C.T.)


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