Cars Go SMASH!

Sometimes traffic is overwhelming. It can cause us to grip our steering wheels with white knuckles, and let slip the most unbecoming of expletives in front of the most infant of audiences. It can make a nun fantasize about bolting on a large set of tires and driving over the claustrophobic cacophony of cars during midday rush hour. It’s OK, we’re human, and traffic sucks. Wanna show rush hour who’s boss? Yes, of course you would. You’re a traffic-hating human, and as life’s gift to you, Monster Jam will crush through Cowboys Stadium (1 Legends Way, Arlington) at 7 p.m. Saturday. Jerry World will host what is sure to be a metal-smashing, truck-flying, cathartic event that will leave all in attendance with unclean thoughts about highway etiquette. Sit back, grab a beer and let your wildest highway fantasies unfold in front of you, guilt-free. Just try not to treat Monster Jam as a “learning experience.” Tickets range $30 to $45. Visit
Sat., Feb. 23, 2013


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