Cast Your Ballots

With the nominees for the upcoming presidential election finally secure, I know we're all itchin' to vote. So listen up, because unlike in November (Google: electoral college), your voice will be heard. For the final night of AllGood Cafe's Wednesday Night Film Festival screening films by Francis Ford Coppola, they've left the movie selection in the hands of the voting public. On their Web site, they've selected five films to choose from, but there's also a space open for a write-in candidate. Let the write-in campaign begin! But for what film? First I thought of The Godfather III, because when it comes to unrecognized talent, Sofia Coppola is one of those untapped gems of Hollywood royalty. Sure she can direct, write and produce films, but her real talent is obviously in sinking ships. And then, I remembered she had a thankfully much smaller role in Peggy Sue Got Married, which is basically Back to the Future minus Doc Brown and the De Lorean plus Kathleen Turner. So vote for Peggy Sue online, and then stop by AllGood Café Wednesday when the film rolls at 9 p.m. For details, call 214-742-5362 or browse
Wed., June 25, 2008


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