Celebrate Mom

Don't repeat last year: those pathetic weeds you yanked out of the neighbor's garden bed and gave your mother didn't properly express your fondness and gratitude. (But in your defense, how could you have known their sap would cause a rash?) This year you will be prepared; we'll see to that. Take Mom On A Boat — What expresses thoughtful elegance better than a reservation to a meal at sea? (Or “at lake,” in this context.) Starting at $55 per person, you can take mom on a brunch, lunch or dinner cruise around Lake Grapevine. You'll have a three-course meal, a boatload of entertainment (literally: this boat is packed with poets, face painters, comedians, DJs and an R&B singer), and a complimentary rose for mom. The boat launches from 2500 Fairway Dr. #1, in Grapevine. Call 972-514-4319, or visit www.airspop.com for more information. Go Ritzy — If your dad is pulling the old, “We're going to hang out at home. You know: traffic.” card again, you must rescue your mother. Go grand in your pampering and make the ultimate sacrifice: baroque period classical music from Spain and Bolivia. This concert is being held in a decadent Preston Hollow private residence (mom loves spying on the rich!), and features “ Bolivian and lively Mexican baroque pieces and excerpts from the Courcelle Mass in D,” in the music room, extensive gardens to explore outside and intermission tapas, wine and pre-concert cocktails. Plus, you'll win the coveted Best Kid Ever award. That's quite a bargain for $50 per person. The address remains unlisted until you purchase your ticket, which you can do at www.orchestraofnewspain.org.
Sun., May 13, 2012


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