Chainsaw Blues

Have you seen the previews for Employee of the Month—that romantic comedy about discount superstore employees? I can't guarantee that it will suck, but I'm going to anyway. Does Hollywood really have room for Dane Cook and Ryan Reynolds? I say they should have a fight to the death, and you should watch Bruce Campbell instead. Because, if you need some discount superstore employee-focused entertainment, there's only one cure: Army of Darkness. And Tuesday night, it's playing as a part of the B-Reel series at the Belmont Hotel, 901 Fort Worth Ave. You'll get a chainsaw-wielding discount superstore hero with an amazing chin, plus boomsticks and a spell book made of human skin. Oh, and it's free. Yeah, free. Show starts at 8 p.m. Bring some bucks for beer and wine. Call 214-393-2300 or visit
Tue., Oct. 24


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