I had a boyfriend once that was obsessed with dinosaurs. One commercial for a Discovery Channel special about the T-Rex, and he'd drop all his bad-ass rock and roll pretensions and whimper "dinosaws". Years later, I still find myself knowing a lot about the brontosaurus (and not enough about why I date men with really juvenile obsessions, but that's another story). I loved When Dinosaurs Roamed America, and I'm always up for going to Glen Rose. Clearly, many folks are fascinated by dinosaurs, including Rodolfo Corio, a famous paleontologist who recently had a major find in Patagonia. While working in the region, located in South Argentina, Corio discovered the remains of two of the largest dinosaurs ever found. The Giganotosaurus was a carnivore that could give the T-rex a serious run for its money, and the Argentinosaurus was a massive herbivore that could weigh over 100 tons. Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of Patagonia is an action-packed monster of a film that imagines these two natural enemies roaming the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia. The film isn't just a bunch of big reptiles stomping around, though—the movie is deeply rooted in science, with emphasis on paleontology, geography and evolution. The dinosaurs can be experienced in all their educational and imposing glory at Cinemark IMAX Theatre, 11819 Webb Chapel Road. Visit for tickets and showtimes.
Starts: Aug. 17. Daily, 2007


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