Cinematic Surrender

The Asian Film Festival Dallas reached maximum occupancy in 2012, so for its 2013 run, July 11 to 18, the showcase tackles a larger venue, filling the Angelika (5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, #230) with a week’s worth of vetted works, costumed screenings and films that you simply would not see in a theater if AFFD didn’t reel ’em in. Last year we saw huge titles like Ace Attorney, the latest release by Takashi Miike (Ishi the Killer, Audition), and watched the Magnolia’s theaters pack for screenings of Dragon, Nightfall, The Great Magician and other prominent imports. After more than a decade’s worth of globe scanning, the festival’s name has become synonymous with success, boasting the South’s largest showcase of Asian and Asian American cinema. This year’s lineup is also stuffed full of must-see premieres. Check out for the full calendar, tickets and a list of AFFD coordinated events. (You can purchase individual film tickets or full-access laminates.) Also check out Mixmaster, the Dallas Observer’s arts and entertainment blog, for a guide to tackling the Asian Film Festival.
July 11-18, 2013


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