Circuit 12's Dream Continuum Named 23rd Best Art Exhibit of 2012. That's Nationwide.

Circuit 12 Contemporary has only been around since the beginning of this year, but the small Dragon Street locale has already received a little national buzz this week when Complex Magazine, a New York publication and self-professed "Ultimate Mens [sic] Buyers Guide," named the gallery's spring show, Dream Continuum, in their "25 Best Art Exhibits of 2012 (So Far)" list. Writer Nick Schonberger cites "Complex favorite Patrick Martinez" for the small group show's appearance at number 23, in addition to the exhibition's take on "pertinent themes of space, time, technology, and their social applications in everyday life."

Already establishing a name for itself in the Design District, Circuit 12's most recent exhibition, Lightning Strikes Twice, a group show in partnership with Mary Tomas Gallery, can be seen one last time before closing this coming Saturday.

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