Clownin' Around

I've always been fascinated by people's fear of clowns. I can see why they bring on the heebie-jeebies. Ronald McDonald will clog your arteries. John Wayne Gacy throws you under his house. Tammy Faye will open her mouth. It is a rational fear. Who knows what person is really lurking behind that whiteface at the circus? But it's not until now that I am officially disturbed by clowns, and I say that with complete ignorance. On the calendar for Stone Street Theatre is Bini and the Bonk, an adult clown act. Yes, "adult." And thus I shudder. But I've yet to see it, and my curiosity may just lead me to find out if it's only the kazoo that gets blown in this clown show. The show debuts Friday at the new Stone Street Theatre, 109 Stone St. in downtown. Call 469-619-2609 or visit
Fri., June 23; Sat., July 22


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