Coconut Blues

I've been called the whitest Hispanic ever. And that's by my closest friends. The slightest hint of jalapeño has me gasping for water. I'm lost when someone speaks to me in Spanish. The closest I've gotten to actual Mexican culture was a resort stay in Cancún. If I have any redemptive Latino values, it's that I know better than to read the pandering "Consejos" column in The Dallas Morning News. When I'm in need of some heritage exploration, however, I just make my way to the Latino Cultural Center. Well, there and Cuquita's restaurant. At 6 p.m. Thursday, the Latino Cultural Center, 2600 Live Oak St., will present authors reading from the book La Tortilla Soup for the Soul. The event is free and approximately 10 writers are scheduled to read. Call 214-670-3320.
Thu., Nov. 16, 6 p.m.


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