Concentrate On Very Different Artists

History is littered with artists whose works were largely unrecognized until the artists themselves were approaching the ends of their lives or were long since deceased. Perhaps The Dallas Museum of Art had this in mind when they started the Concentrations series in 1981. Concentrations showcases living contemporary artists whose work is not at the beginning nor the end of their careers, but at that exciting period of transition in between the two. Concentrations 54 features the works of Chicagoan Matt Connors and Irishman Fergus Feehily, both of whom are abstract painters who utilize found objects in their work, but that’s where the similarities end. Connors’ multimedia works are typically large and range from sketchy geometric figures to thick swaths of dark oils. The wide range of styles seems indicative of Connors’ experimental nature. Feehily’s pieces are smaller and mysterious, confined by found frames and often hidden behind wood or cloth, leaving enough of the work in sight to imply that much more is unseen. Concentrations 54 runs through August 14 at the Dallas Museum of Art. General admission starts at $10. Call 214-922-1803 or visit
Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: May 12. Continues through Aug. 14, 2011


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