Crooned Tunes

The ladies feel my pain: You're strolling down Lower Greenville one evening, clad respectably in appropriately fitting clothing, and a couple of jerks in a Civic crawl by, hollering out the window. They're spouting gems like, "Wassup, baby?" and "Y'all need a ride, WOOOHOOOOHAHAHA?!" I know that it takes all of your might to keep your panties tightly 'round your nether regions, tempting as it is to immediately mount such gentlemen as if they were imitation Hugo Boss-clad carousel horses. OK, not so much. Guys like that make you long for the good old days, when women were treated with courtesy and respect. Doors were opened. Dinners paid for. Kitchens provided for the standing in, barefoot. O, nostalgia! Let us relive the good old days with golden old-timer Tony Bennett, performing 8 p.m. Wednesday with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center is located at 2301 Flora Street. Tickets are $85 to $135. Call 214-692-0203.
Wed., May 24


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