Cult Abomination

Where do I even begin to explain the film The Room? I could say it's a "quirky black new comedy" and "best film of 2003" like they do in the movie trailer, but I would be lying. I could start off by saying the lead character looks like Phil Spector's younger brother and he should really keep his Fabio-like hair in a ponytail, but I'm not the right person to be handing out fashion tips. How about that The Room's twisted love triangle plot has been compared to some of Tennessee Williams' work and The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Sure, the film's writer, director and star Tommy Wiseau made those comparisons, but it might be true. Does any of this make you want to watch the movie? Time then, for a different approach. The Room is now a cult classic because it';s known for being so awesomely bad (kind of like Jersey Shore on MTV. And, well, no one wants to miss an episode of that Affliction-wearing, orange-skinned train wreck...I mean television show.) Also, Paul Rudd is a fan of this movie and well, if he is a fan, then I'm a fan. The Room will be featured on the big screen this Friday and Saturday starting at midnight at the Inwood Theatre, 5458 Lovers Lane. For more information, call 214-764-9106 or visit
Fri., Jan. 22; Sat., Jan. 23, 2010


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