Cups and Saucers

Jugs. Melons. Gazongas. Knockers. Pendulums. Hooters. Honeydews. Nugs. Why, you have all kinds of reasons to head to Gachet Coffee Lounge, 1804 Greenville Ave., and see the latest installment of its Get Reel Mondays movie series. Fine, that's not fair; we know there's more to The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas than boobery, even though its most noticeable star, Dolly Parton, reaches as high of notes as she does cup size in her renditions of songs such as "I Will Always Love You." Really, it's this brand of kitschy brothel-based fun, full of song, dance and legal shenanigans with a mustached sheriff, that is sorely missing from HBO's Cathouse series; we can only hope Nevada's Bunny Ranch hires a choreographer for that show's next season. Until then, get your fill with a screening of Whorehouse starting at sundown. Entry is free. Call 214-887-8095.
Mon., Aug. 28


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