Cut It In

Like Warhol, English graffiti artist Banksy has redefined what is considered art—paving the way for grassroots stencil artists to make their way out of the streets and into galleries. These artists combine traditional graffiti with a unique stenciling technique made from cutout poster board. Unfortunately, Dallas City Hall is waging war with a new graffiti abatement program in hopes of wiping out this art form around the city. You can take away the spray cans, but the people just find a new way to tell it like it is. The Pawn Gallery hosts featured artists from Ireland, Norway, Italy and the U.S. in X-Acto Mundo: Stencil Art From Around the Globe, opening 7 p.m. Friday and running through March 24 at 2540 Elm St. in Deep Ellum. Preview some of the work on the gallery's blog at Call 214-453-3885 or visit
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: March 2. Continues through March 24


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