Dallas Artist Simeen Farhat Made One Damned Cool Phone Booth for the Streets of London

Dallas artist Simeen Farhat with Out of the Box.
Dallas artist Simeen Farhat with Out of the Box.

London was infiltrated by a host of new "phone boxes" this summer, and while none of them to our knowledge is equipped for time/space travel, there is one in particular that we love.

2010 MasterMinds nominee and Dallas-based Pakistani artist Simeen Farhat's donation, Outside the Box, is a jigsaw tooled, literature-laced exercise in visual linguistics with words culled from poems and treatises by Byron, Fitzgerald, Nietzsche, Pushkin, Li Bai, Rumi, Omar Khayyam, Khalil Gibran and Ghalib. As of yesterday afternoon, the ArtBoxes are up for auction on eBay, with proceeds benefiting ChildLine.

Farhat's our clear favorite, of course, but the others are not bad in their own rights. (Who are we kidding? They're incredible). Need this for your home or gallery? Bid on Farhat's here.

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