Dallas-Fort Worth Critics Pick Top Films of 2011

Michael Fassbender (well, his back) in Shame
Michael Fassbender (well, his back) in Shame

Over on Unfair Park, Robert Wilonsky posted the full release from the Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics picks of the best films of 2011. Descendants, the Alexander Payne drama with George Clooney, is a topper as well as Drive (full Q&A with the director right here), Martin Scorcese's Hugo, and Steve McQueen's Shame (highly recommend reading James Wallace Q&A with Michael Fassbender over here).

It's a damn agreeable list. I'd like to argue that Hanna deserves a spot for...I don't know...something. Definitely one of the more underrated action films of the year from Joe Wright. Also, strangely overlooked (as it's being lauded in some other circles) is Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. Take a look at the full list on Unfair Park.

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