Dang! Good

Glen plaid short-shorts? Check. Frilly layered tops and camisoles? Got it. Vibrant colors, retro patterns and chunky accessories for days? And how. Somewhere between the Valley of the Dolls and the return of Daisy Duke are the girly new designs of Douglas Voisin and Andrew Bayer's new Dallas-based women's fashion line called Dang! Local lads "Doug and Andy" (also known as "DNA") say they adhere to a strict design philosophy for Dang!: "We always drape raw fabrics on the dressform first and then cut patterns that best integrate the resulting look," Voisin says. What they get are ultra-fem pieces that seem to melt onto the female form--in all the right ways.

Voisin is a 23-year-old native of Venezuela who got to Texas as quickly as he could and studied fashion at the Art Institute of Dallas. He works for model/socialite Rhonda Sargent Chambers' RSC Show Productions. Bayer, preferring a bit more mystery, admits only to being an assistant stylist with OnSet Management. The two glamour guys began collaborating last fall on their own creations and hope to put the line into production in the "relatively near future." In the meantime, we get a sneak peek at the house of Dang! on Tuesday during a benefit for AIDS Interfaith Network. And where else can you find a whole lotta divas to launch duds with a whole lotta attitude? Helloooo, the Rose Room inside gay nightclub mecca Station 4, of course. Come early, grab a cocktail and don't let the chiffon hit you in the face as it sashays by.


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