Different Strokes

As you troll the weekly art listings, the words "highly divergent" might set off alarm bells, but don't worry. This is no lunatic, 12 Monkeys, "Tell me friend, are you also divergent?" kind of stuff. Sure, Henry Horenstein's Animalia/Honky Tonk: Two Highly Divergent Series ventures into dark, mysterious worlds. But squint and you'll find surprising similarities between Horenstein's sea life portraits and his country music scenes of the '70s. One old Nashville picker, banjo slung across his belly, looks a lot like a turtle baring his white underside. Similarities between Dolly Parton and a swimming cownose ray? Discuss. OK, these are indeed way divergent. But if you ever wanted to see Jerry Lee Lewis light a cigar in a room with a jellyfish, here's your chance. Animalia/Honky Tonk hangs through May 13 at Afterimage Gallery, 2800 Routh St. Visit afterimagegallery.com or call 214-871-9140.
Mondays-Saturdays. Starts: March 21. Continues through May 13, 2009


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