Dirt Don't Hurt

Sure, most of my exposure to motocross consists of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circuses I attended as a kid. At least, I'm pretty sure the guys in the Globe of Death were riding dirt bikes--if they were riding Harleys, then they truly are the biggest badasses in the world. (And if you mention X-Fighters to most males in my age group, you're more likely to have them thinking of Luke Skywalker's attack craft than a two-wheeler.) But this Saturday I'll have a chance for some full-on X-Fighter motocross immersion in Fort Worth as the Fort Worth Stockyards hosts the Red Bull X-Fighters motocross series. Featuring riders from Australia, Spain, Japan, France, Norway, New Zealand and the United States, the event is the only U.S. stop on the X-Fighters tour—the others are in Canada, Spain, the U.K. and Mexico--which explains why it attracted nearly 40,000 spectators last time around. Tickets to the event are $20 to $50, or $10 for kids 12 and under; the bikes start flying at 8:30 p.m. Visit ticketmaster.com.
Sat., June 27, 2009


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