Diva Alert!

Something about Diana Ross singing Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" reeks of desperation. With a new album of similarly remade ballads, Ross is reduced to a legend grasping onto the spotlight with a death grip, instead of merely resting on her iconic status and diva reputation. Tellingly, when that infamous diva side does come out, it does so in shrewd fashion. By releasing her latest CD in the midst of Dreamgirls mania, she tried to capitalize on a movie that sorta kinda reflects the story of the Supremes and their rise to the top. Soon after, she was on the morning show circuit pawning the CD, with everyone asking her opinion on the film, a movie Ms. Ross said she had not yet seen. Snaps. It's those moments when her star shines again as years of superstar experience and savvy come out to say, "You can't touch this." Lest we forget she became a disco goddess and Oscar nominated actress in the '70s, maintaining her stardom well into the mid-'80s while becoming a drag queen staple. Ross comes to the Nokia Theatre, 1001 Performance Place, at 8 p.m Thursday. Visit nokialifedfw.com for information and tickets.
Thu., April 19, 8 p.m.


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