Do Not Not Touch

Sometimes you want to go to the museum and touch stuff. You know, really mess with it and see what it's made of and what it can do. Unfortunately, that sort of behavior is usually frowned upon and could even get you in some serious trouble. Not so with the Capturing Motion exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. This experimental exhibit allows you to prance in front of mirrors, watch videos of famous artists at work, pose mannequins, make mobiles and sketch. And that's the adult section! There’s also a kids' section where you can play with gears and Slinkys. With school out for the holidays, there's sure to be a line for the kids' zone. The exhibit will still be there after the holidays, though, and hopefully the Slinkys won't be too stretched out by then. Catch Capturing Motion through April 30 at the Dallas Museum of Art, 1717 N. Harwood St. Call 214-922-1200 or visit
Dec. 1-April 30


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