Do You Like to Keep It Mellow?

What? Don't tell us you're not familiar with the easy, breezy, laid-back songstylings of Jack Mother-Lovin' Johnson. The pro-surfer turned casual-rock icon somewhere around the time he put the board down, kicked off his flippy-floppies and picked up an acoustic guitar. We can't be bothered with an exact date, though, man, 'cause we're straight-up chillin', not mindin' for one minute the sand in our shorts or that J-Johnson earworm, understand? We're also totally joking. We may have heard "Bubbletoes" or "Banana Pancakes"--and therefore also determined Johnson to be the Michael Frank of today's time-sharing youth--but our fondest memory not actually involving the beachrocker is definitely SNL-er Andy Samberg crooning/riffing on Johnson's barefoot lifestyle with a certain commercial: "Keep it casual/Whatever // Keep it natural with shoes that look like feet // Things get hectic but don't sweat it/Keep it JJ Casual // Hmm, do you like to keep it mellow?...JJ Casuals shoes that look like feet." Find it and watch it. Then decide if you really want to see Jack Johnson play actual songs for his To the Sea Tour (naturally) 7 p.m. Tuesday at in Fair Park or if you just want to watch Samberg's Johnson on repeat. Tickets are $35 and $55 at
Tue., Aug. 17, 2010


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